Concept art

Last summer I did some concept art for an animation pitch with my then-friend, now-boyfriend, Daniel. These were pretty fun to put together.

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Even more art dump

Here’s another piece I did for my friend’s band:

And here’s a lovely label I made for another friend’s perfume label.


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Man I need to do more of these. But here are some paintings I made last spring.

5 6

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More update-dump

So first we have a pirate I drew. Here’s Jeff. He’s a pirate.

And here is some stuff I drew for some friends of mine and their band.

9 8 7

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Need to get back to updating!

Hey there! it has been a while. So here I go trying to catch up with posting some of the cool things I have been working on.

Here are some character sheets I have been doing for the Blisterfish reboot.
Paria Abe Blisterfish

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Cat Drawings

I drew a bunch of pictures of my cats. One is not very good and the rest are the amazing.

This one is not very good. Keep scrolling.pootsother


These are great.


This is Scooter. I don’t have very many photos of him because he is not my favorite. I like his brother and the older cat we have more. But Scooter’s cute. Just look at them G I A N T PAWS.


Pip! Pipster! Pipperoon! My favorite of the brothers. He is SO FAT. And perpetually confused. Such a cute cuddly little dumb. I love him dearly.

PootThe Queen of Cats. Pootie. The light of my life. I’ve had her since I was a wee lass of 6 years old. She’s like 17 now. She’s the best thing. Objectively the best thing. Ever. That’s why I drew her like three times tonight.

Okay that’s all. Those are my kitties. They are great.

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My Mum is Awesome so I Drew Her As Annie Oakley

Good things are happening for Mum. To celebrate, I drew this.



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Four Four-Panel Weird Things.

I’ve been quiet because I have a job now an am a busy adult. But I’m still drawing, here is proof.

I went to see a friend a week ago and came back really restless and weird-feeling and drew these. I think they’re awesome. I don’t know what they are. I think that makes them even more awesome.


4-Panel-1 4-Panel-2 4-Panel-3 4-Panel-4

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Rooftop Escape 1

A thing I’ve been working on.

I’ve started working on a lot of these things. I knocked this one out today, there’s one that’s going very slowly because it’s much larger and much more detailed. There are others that may take a while.

But yeah, still life/background art. Fooling around with textures, filters, and brushes in Photoshop.


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Here! Have some Blisterfish characters that won’t be introduced for like two years! (Especially at the rate I’m going…)


First off, I would like to give a giant THANK YOU to the lovelyKENDRA JOSIE KIRKPATRICK for helping be our with these character designs (by basically doing them for me)! Go look at her Tumblr now! Go!

I tweaked some things from her original thoughts but these lovely fellas were definitely of her making. So thank you, Kendra!

This is Phantoshmerz, the metal band Blisterfish has name-dropped a few times. They will crop up eventually but the big name here to remember is Urs. He’s the one I changed the most from Kendra’s design cause I already had pretty much completely crafted him already in my head. 

There is one more drawing going up that goes with this set that I’ll do soon, although it’s of a character I already have some older art of on here.

Hope you all are doing well! I’m working on a lot this summer so hopefully you’ll see some more great stuff soon.

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