30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 3—Scary Movie

Hey remember this? Remember the Movie Challenge? Remember how like two months ago I was gonna do this every day?


Well it’s back. And I’m back. And we are here with a very scared Shelley Duvall.

Sketch 2013-08-23 00_33_16


I don’t like horror movies. It’s the guts and gore I don’t like. But certain types of gore. Mr. Blonde cutting off a cop’s ear in Reservoir Dogs? Fine. The woodchipper scene in Fargo? Fine. All of The Usual Suspects? AWESOME. But anything with vividly mangled body parts, or guts, or whatever, that… I can’t deal with that.

So certain types of horror, I like. That said, I get scared easily, so I stay away from the genre for the most part.

But man oh man oh man oh man do I love The Shining. It is perfect. The only scene that freaks me out too much is the scene with the moldy lady in the bathroom. But holy shit is this film amazing. This scene, this scene is great. When Jack is talking to Wendy on the stairs, his tone, his expressions, his slow movements, and the threatening words. It’s all so perfect. UGH.

So there you go. The Shining.

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