Another Self-Portrait

This is the best, I think.

I haven’t gotten a lot of sketchbook time until recently. You guys should be getting a few cool drawings soon. Drawings that are of things other than my dumb face.

I’ve been having a few drastic changes in my life recently. Not necessarily bad, but definitely different. I am reacting to said changes by going full-on-wannabe-grunge. That’s my dad’s old denim jacket from high school. It is ripped to shreds. I used to just sort of keep it around but I’ve started wearing it constantly.

Also I did for some bizarre reason feel it necessary in this particular drawing of myself to illustrate that I’ve lost enough weight recently that the jeans that fit two months ago are now quite baggy. And I’m not always used to wearing a belt/sometimes belts annoy me, so I am constantly walking around showing my undies without even realizing it. I often wear long shirts so it doesn’t matter, but when I’m wearing a tight shirt it can be a wee bit embarrassing.

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