Cat Drawings

I drew a bunch of pictures of my cats. One is not very good and the rest are the amazing.

This one is not very good. Keep scrolling.pootsother


These are great.


This is Scooter. I don’t have very many photos of him because he is not my favorite. I like his brother and the older cat we have more. But Scooter’s cute. Just look at them G I A N T PAWS.


Pip! Pipster! Pipperoon! My favorite of the brothers. He is SO FAT. And perpetually confused. Such a cute cuddly little dumb. I love him dearly.

PootThe Queen of Cats. Pootie. The light of my life. I’ve had her since I was a wee lass of 6 years old. She’s like 17 now. She’s the best thing. Objectively the best thing. Ever. That’s why I drew her like three times tonight.

Okay that’s all. Those are my kitties. They are great.

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