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Rooftop Escape 1

A thing I’ve been working on. I’ve started working on a lot of these things. I knocked this one out today, there’s one that’s going very slowly because it’s much larger and much more detailed. There are others that may … Continue reading

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More Sketches

More character sketches for this thing my friend Dylan and I are plotting.

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So I’ve coming up with other story concepts, and this is one of them, somewhat inspired by true events. It’s about these two and their dating antics/lack thereof.

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Georges & Max

So since my thesis is on the French Revolution, I’ve become a little obsessed… … Also I am going to hell.

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How To Be A Better Criminal

I’m a big fan of Nash’s live Monday night show Radio Dead Air, especially the What the Fuck is Wrong With You segment, so I made some fanart for his awesome co-host, Tara, who likes to give advice on how … Continue reading

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On Twitter today I asked people to tell me to draw things. Since all my tweets are redirected to Facebook, my ex-roomie and good friend Erika suggested Xena and Batman vs. Voldy and Saruman.  

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Someone getting eaten by a…

So, my good friend Graham Overby were sitting around, drawin’ and stuff, and this conversation happened: Me: “Graham, tell me what to draw.” Graham: “Draw.. um… draw… draw someone getting eaten by… uh… hmm. I got nothin’.” Me: “Will do.” And … Continue reading

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THE STORY BEHIND THIS: So today in English class we took extensive notes on the backstory of Oedipus Rex. Unfortunately my friend wasn’t in class for reasons of bein’ sick, so I told him I’d lend him my notes next … Continue reading

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Nude Figure Painting Plan

This is just the initial painting/sketching, basically the bare bones of the whole thing. Eventually she’s gonna be lying in some sort of woodsy area. But for now, she is naked and lying amongst brown scribbles! Either way, thus far … Continue reading

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This is the best hand I’ve ever drawn. Too bad I have to paint over it.

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