Moonrise Kingdom

Yesterday my friends and I went to go see Moonrise Kingdom! Holy crap you guys, it was awesome. I found a screenshot of one of my favorite scenes and made this:

The acting is fantastic, and of course Wes Anderson’s directing is top-notch as always. Although I think my favorite character might be Ed Norton as Scout Master Ward.

I know I’ll get hate for saying this, but I think this was Edward Norton’s best role yet. Yes, I actually think he did a better job here than in Fight Club. Fight Club is still one of the greatest movie’s ever filmed, but Norton finally broke out of the “distressed psycho” trope, and was clearly having fun in every single nanosecond of this movie, despite the sad, somewhat pathetic nature of his character. It is a good actor who makes us root for the adult chasing the runaway children, as well as the runaway children themselves. I wanted both sides to succeed, and I credit a good part of that to Norton’s superb performance.

Although you’ll notice the scene I chose to illustrate doesn’t have Ward in it. This is because all of my favorite scenes, aesthetically speaking, are with the two child leads. They make the cutest and most visually interesting pair. Almost all of the prettiest shots have these two in it. This is definitely my favorite shot in the film, and I am so glad there was a screenshot of it online.

I might do more of these, so stay tuned!

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