“Finding the Forest Spirit”

For my portfolio. Still may make some some minor changes, but I like how it came out.

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Even More Sketches

So I colored the skin and hair on that thing I did last night and then I drew a goblin.moar-colorsgoblin

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More Sketches

More character sketches for this thing my friend Dylan and I are plotting.sketchesETsketchesE10sketchesFm

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Concept Sketch

I’m working on something stupid and awesome. Here’s the concept, using my majestic self as a model.eachtra-tchaikovsky

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It’s been a while… Time for body type practice!

Yes, I’ve been quiet for a long time. Working on my next big thing, working, going to classes, etc. So have some sketches.

All models courtesy of My Body Gallery, which is an awesome resource for female body reference!

photo 1 photo 2

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30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 3—Scary Movie

Hey remember this? Remember the Movie Challenge? Remember how like two months ago I was gonna do this every day?


Well it’s back. And I’m back. And we are here with a very scared Shelley Duvall.

Sketch 2013-08-23 00_33_16


I don’t like horror movies. It’s the guts and gore I don’t like. But certain types of gore. Mr. Blonde cutting off a cop’s ear in Reservoir Dogs? Fine. The woodchipper scene in Fargo? Fine. All of The Usual Suspects? AWESOME. But anything with vividly mangled body parts, or guts, or whatever, that… I can’t deal with that.

So certain types of horror, I like. That said, I get scared easily, so I stay away from the genre for the most part.

But man oh man oh man oh man do I love The Shining. It is perfect. The only scene that freaks me out too much is the scene with the moldy lady in the bathroom. But holy shit is this film amazing. This scene, this scene is great. When Jack is talking to Wendy on the stairs, his tone, his expressions, his slow movements, and the threatening words. It’s all so perfect. UGH.

So there you go. The Shining.

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“Maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.”

Oh my god.

Breaking Bad.




Doodled this on my iPad while rewatching the FUCKING AMAZING SEASON PREMIERE this evening. I can’t deal with this show.


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Blisterfish Character Design—Pop Singer

Working on a supremely awesome character for much, MUCH later in Blisterfish.

And that means… OUTFITS!

This is actually her disguise—her “Clark Kent,” if you will—which is a German pop singer. Had a lot of fun with this one. The blue jumpsuit costume make me imagine her dancing and preforming Satellite by Lena.


metalconcertsuit Piratedressbabydolldress© Emily Kay Jay 2013

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Character Concept—Jade Jha

Proof that I’m actually working on things.

Jade Jha, a junior at a hippie liberal arts college, double-majoring in fine art and journalism, professional blogger, and owner of the world’s most hipster tattoo: the word “this” written in cursive on her arm with an arrow pointing towards it.

Just a little something I was brainstorming this weekend. I’m having artists’ block on the other two characters for this story, though, which sucks because they are arguably more important to the plot. Even though Jade is much more fun.

Can you tell I’m not used to thinking up tattoos? I think you can tell. Nonetheless, I think these work for her.

I’m anxious to be able to actually work on this. Jade is fuckin’ BAD. ASS.

Oh and can we all just take a moment to appreciate that hand? The one holding the cigarette? Yeah. That one. Sit back. Soak it in. Ain’t it beautiful? Best hand I’ve ever drawn. Mmmhmm.


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30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 2—Minimalist Movie Poster

Anyone who has ever spoken to me for 5 minutes knew I was gonna find a way to crowbar Fargo into this somehow. I am such a raving Coen Bros fangirl it’s almost not funny.

I had trouble making the snow look like… snow. I tried to give it texture, put some footprints or something in it, but it just refused to look right. I hope this looks okay to you guys, I can’t think of what to add or change but I’m still a little unsatisfied. The balance is good, I think, but something’s missing.


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