30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 1—Animated Film

I’m doing the 30 Day Movie Challenge! Inspired by my friend Tom Duffy‘s awesome Movie Challenge drawings, I decided to give it a try myself. Day 1! Animated film!


I’ve heard people criticize this movie pretty strongly. Hell, a documentary was just made about how it was chopped to pieces and ended it up NOTHING like the original artistic vision. I would like to see the “Re-Cobbled” edition at one point—I have been putting it off, I admit—but honestly, I grew up with the Thief and the Cobbler. I love this movie, and will always love it. I will probably like the “Re-Cobbled” version more… but nonetheless. Here are Tack and Princess Yum-Yum in front of the Three Golden Balls!

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More Blisterfish Foreshadowing

Some concept art for an upcoming character… let’s see if you can guess who this is.


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Bad Machinery fanart!

I am a huge fan of the amazing incredibly awesome webcomic Bad Machinery by John Allison! So I put together a little fanart!

bad-machineryAnd here’s the original sketch I doodled in my sketchbook:

blisterfish scan009

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Blisterfish Foreshadowing

Here’s a little foreshadowing. I do indeed plan on making this comic last for at least two decades. I’m not entirely sure what’ll happen to her in that time but this is what I figure she’ll look like by then.





Also here is a doodle of the Dwarf that just popped up in Blisterfish. I tweeted it the other day and decided to color it.


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So I’ve coming up with other story concepts, and this is one of them, somewhat inspired by true events.

It’s about these two and their dating antics/lack thereof.


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Damien Smut

I am so sorry.

(I am not sorry.)



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Solitaire—New Outfits Designs by Kendra! Part 1

My very good and awesome friend KENDRA JOSIE KIRKPARTICK helped me out with designing some great new outfits for Solitaire and Damien! Here are the first two. The third Solitaire outfit and the Damien outfits are on their way!

In the coming chapters, Solitaire will be enven more stylish than ever before!

She really is fun to draw. I love drawing normal humans like Blisterfish who actually have mass and a certain amount of body fat, but Solitaire’s stick-arms are just too amusing.

Thanks again to Kendra! Go check her out on Deviantart!


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Pencil Sketches

I drew these in my sketchbook and I am rather fond of them.

(Again, from my webcomic The Adventures of Blisterfish)

IMG_0010 IMG_0011


I haven’t drawn combat before and I have a lot of it coming up soon. Really trying to get a feel for the weight of this hammer. I’m also having a lot of fun with the cape.

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Georges & Max

So since my thesis is on the French Revolution, I’ve become a little obsessed…

… Also I am going to hell.


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Blisterfish Character Doodles

OOPS I forgot to upload these a couple weeks back. I have 2 or 3 more I wanna do. These are all the lovely Blisterfish characters in the comic thus far.

If you don’t read my webcomic you really should.

blisterfish-sketch Lancelot-sketch Reticulum-sketchScooter-and-Pipsolitaire-sketch damien-sketchThe-Stoned-Wolves

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