Here! Have some Blisterfish characters that won’t be introduced for like two years! (Especially at the rate I’m going…)


First off, I would like to give a giant THANK YOU to the lovelyKENDRA JOSIE KIRKPATRICK for helping be our with these character designs (by basically doing them for me)! Go look at her Tumblr now! Go!

I tweaked some things from her original thoughts but these lovely fellas were definitely of her making. So thank you, Kendra!

This is Phantoshmerz, the metal band Blisterfish has name-dropped a few times. They will crop up eventually but the big name here to remember is Urs. He’s the one I changed the most from Kendra’s design cause I already had pretty much completely crafted him already in my head. 

There is one more drawing going up that goes with this set that I’ll do soon, although it’s of a character I already have some older art of on here.

Hope you all are doing well! I’m working on a lot this summer so hopefully you’ll see some more great stuff soon.

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