Tablet Practice: Morticia and Gomez Addams Fanart

I am trying oh so very hard to get used to using my tablet again. It’s been, what, two or three years? And I wasn’t all that great to begin with. But what do they tell us in art school? If you want to practice, learn new techniques, and improve your technical skills, copy the masters! So I did something similar and drew over a photo of


the wonderful Morticia and Gomez!

ORIGINAL: Addams-Family-tv-01MINE: addams-familyNot too bad, right?

I would like to do more of these. I started a M*A*S*H one of Hawkeye Pierce (the Alan Alda version of Hawkeye—I’ve only seen the show so far) and a Fargo one. But of course I’m also woking on Thesis and Blisterfish right now. It’s Winter Break so no class, just lots of work!

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