Yarkona and Roux Re-Drawn

Aahhhh… I love fixing up old character designs. I think I came up with these characters originally in 3rd grade, and the “final” designs were made when I was about 13 or 15. Welp, I decided those designs weren’t good enough to be final, so I gave these lovely ladies a big fat makeover.



This was actually drawn only one year ago, but the designs are oooolllllldddd. Also, you can’t tell ’cause it’s not in color, but each of the characters used to each have one color scheme. So Yar-yar was all green and Rouxface was all red. I finally decided that was dumb and I ditched it.

And yes, I call them Yar-yar and Rouxface. Much the way you may have a pet name or nickname for a loved one of friend or whatever, I’ve been working on these two for so long I don’t even call them by their real names when I think about them. Of course, I’ve been working on the rest of the large cast in this story as well, but these two are who I usually focus on.


Yar has lost even more weight, and apparently all the fat that fell off her body was eaten by her sister, Roux. Yar is still in green and Roux is still in red because even though I’m no longer doing the one-color-scheme thing, they’ve been wearing those colors so long that drawing them in anything else just feels wrong, man.

But yes. Dreadlocks for Yar! And piercings. And Roux gets a gun. I am not even close to done developing this particular story, but as far as I know she doesn’t shoot anyone. Why does she have a gun? Well, just cause she doesn’t shoot anyone doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to… or that she wouldn’t.

Of course, my Blisterfish story takes priority over this. But I wanted to touch base with these two, so… I did. Perhaps their friends will get makeovers, too!

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  1. dana says:

    fabulous! anna is pretty sure i hung out with roux grimm in high school.

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